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The aim of the Testimonials is to encourage potential new Candidates & Clients to trust on even small companies while selecting their Partners. Smaller can be better!

*****  Testimonials by Candidates  *****


“Veli found a job for me, but before that he was like a professional coach for me. Actually “was” is the wrong word, he is still a coach for me. Always ending our phone call, Veli says: “call me if you need anything for your career”.”

Candidate. Recruiting. Developer. Readiness for signing in 3 days, signed in 31 days (the delay was due the Developer’s other job options.


“My Recruiting Process proceeded systematically and transparently throughout the process. The process was clear and simple. ROXEC helps to find a job, but also to develop and identify one’s own Skills. There was a feeling during the process that this guy really wants a better job for me.”

Candidate. SW Consulting. Full-Stack Developer. Readiness for signing in 3 days, signed in 15 days.


“The cooperation with ROXEC was very smooth and fast. Veli managed the process from start to finish in a very fast and professional way. I only had to answer a few questions and in a couple of days the first interviews with potential Employers had already been agreed. From a job seeker’s point of view the process was very easy and I imagine it to be similar on the Employer’s side.”

Candidate. Recruiting. Full-Stack Developer. Readiness for signing in 3 days, signed in 10 days.


*****  Testimonials by Clients  *****


”ROXEC is a flexible and fast operator. Finding very good Candidates at short notice cost effectively. Pro-active action, things go smoothly, negotiating in a good spirit. There is a shortage of good experts and ROXEC also listens carefully to the Candidates’ wishes to find a mutually beneficial solution in the long term.”

Client. SW Consulting. Recruiting. CEO. 5 matches.


“ROXEC has been a great help in finding skilled Developers. Veli’s comprehensive Software industry experience and expertise has helped us find the right profile professionals for our needs quickly and reliably. This has reduced our own work and improved the accuracy of recruitment.”

Client. Recruiting. CEO & Co-Founder. 5 matches.


“One of our Technology-to-Product projects struggled with an acute shortage of a Senior Developer Consultant for a fixed-period. After a short Requirements & Candidate assessment, ROXEC offered a suitable Candidate very quickly and accurately. The recruiting process was fast and flexible. The agreement was reached smoothly. I consider ROXEC’s operating model and expertise to be professional, so I can recommend ROXEC without any problems.”

Client. SW Consulting. CEO & Co-Founder. 1 match.


”One of our Senior Developers was resigning. Do you have a Developer to take responsibility for one of our core SW entities within 2 weeks? Veli found a suitable Candidate already during our short call. Before this match Veli had found one Senior Specialist that neither we nor our other Partners could find during several months of searching. I just stated that whenever I start to find a new job, I’ll contact you!”

Client. SW Consulting. Recruiting. Chief Architect. 2 matches.


“Before starting the cooperation with ROXEC we struggled for a long time with recruitment of a Lead Developer. It seemed to be close to impossible to find a suitable person with an entrepreneurial mindset and the required technical skills for a still rather early stage startup. Veli made it happen though. We discussed a bunch of options and found a perfect match. We will definitely rely on Veli’s expertise with the future hires too.“

Client. Recruiting. CEO & Co-Founder. 1 match.


“ROXEC is capable to provide a wide network of experts in a transparent and fast manner. The speed and scope at which ROXEC gets the Candidates to work is really competent. ROXEC operates openly, for instance it does not hide information except identification about the Candidates, making it easy to get a good picture of them.”

Client. SW Consulting. CEO & Founder. 1 match.


“He’s a perfect match, an excellent Senior Developer! He started to make tangible results already during his first week plus he understands what needs to be done in half of a word. Please, next look for a mid-level Developer.“

Client. Recruiting. CEO & Co-Founder. 1 match.


*****  Testimonials by Partners  *****


“ROXEC as a Partner has helped to grow our business significantly and brought significant added value for projects / Customer acquisition. A transparent approach has also helped my company to develop its own services and operations to a better direction.”

Partner. SW Consulting. Recruiting. CEO & Founder. 2 matches.


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