Want to build a well-matched Partnership with ROXEC?

ROXEC is ready to cooperate with ambitious companies & Freelancers in the ROXEC Business Areas.

At the moment ROXEC is looking for Partners in Cyber Security Sales

The most potential ROXEC Partners are start-ups, but ROXEC is ready for Partnerships with companies of all sizes.

ROXEC can see a potential in a Partnership if both Parties

  • are ready for win-win-win long-lasting cooperation
  • apply modern thinking & practices
  • are competent but continuously developing operations
  • can act flexibly & quickly
  • want to create something new in the field
  • are ready to fine-tune “Our Partnership”


Partnership examples

  • You are ready to cooperate in a Partner mode instead of old-fashion Supplier – Client mode.
  • Any ideas you feel could be worth sharing and/or developing with ROXEC. Just propose!
  • You have a good business idea that you want to develop together with ROXEC.
  • You have a good product / service idea that you want to develop together with ROXEC.
  • You have a suitable product / tool that you see would be a great help to ROXEC Business.
  • You are one of the very best in your field & you are willing to boost ROXEC Business.
  • You could be a Reseller / Lead Generator / Technology Partner for instance for Zafehouse / Zafepass or other ROXEC Products & Services


How to start? Let’s talk & innovate!