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a Job for Everyone & the Job gets done

  • Everyone is Talented in something.
  • Just keep developing yourself continuously. 
  • We believe the most productive Teams are diverse.
  • We emphasize diversity & treat Everyone individually.
  • Some of us can offer diverse Job opportunities. Just offer. 
  • Holistic modern Talent approach enables your Business Vision.


Our focus is on Software Talents & Jobs but we are ready to help all white-collar Teams & Employees & Freelancers & Consultants. 


Whatever we do for our Clients & Candidates, our combination of expertise & flexibility & speed & costs is one of the best in Finland & we develop ourselves every day to become even better.

  • ROXEC acts as a Trusted Broker for all Parties involved in processes to guarantee trustworthy & solid relationships.
  • To achieve a high performance level, all Parties must be ready to fair play & challenge the status-quo & continuous improvement & open cooperation & quick communication.
  • ROXEC – pro execution can well be associated with ROXEC, e.g., we use tools better than AI. 



Zafehouze that is one of the global leaders in secure privileged access has developed Zafepass Platform that is The Solution against cybercrime & much more.


ROXEC Talent Network provides diversified Jobs for Executives & Experts from start-ups to large scale enterprises.


Getting Talents on-board is a good start. Developing the Talent at all levels of organisations is more important.

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