1) Want to minimise cybersecurity challenges?

2) Want to find well-matched Jobs or Talents?


of Executive Search & Talent Booster

a Job for Everyone & the Job gets done

  • Everyone is Talented in something.
  • Just keep developing yourself continuously. 
  • We believe the most productive Teams are diverse.
  • We emphasize diversity & treat Everyone individually.
  • Some of us can offer diverse Job opportunities. Just offer. 
  • Holistic modern Talent approach ensures growth of your Teams enabling your Business Vision.


Our focus is on Software Talents & Jobs but we are ready to help all white-collar Teams & Employees & Freelancers & Consultants. 


Whatever we do for our Clients & Candidates, our combination of expertise & flexibility & speed & costs is one of the best in Finland & we develop ourselves every day to become even better.

  • ROXEC acts as a Trusted Broker for all Parties involved in processes to guarantee trustworthy & solid relationships.
  • To achieve a high performance level, all Parties must be ready to fair play & challenge the status-quo & continuous improvement & open cooperation & quick communication.
  • ROXEC – pro execution can well be associated with ROXEC



Zafehouze that is one of the global leaders in secure privileged access has developed Zafepass Platform that is The Solution against cybercrime & much more.

Executive Search

ROXEC Talent Network provides diversified Jobs for Executives & Experts from start-ups to large scale enterprises.


Getting Talents on-board is a good start. Developing the Talent at all levels of organisations is more important.

Benefits of the Services


Flexible & Quick


High ROI (Benefit-Cost Ratio)

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