Want to minimise cybersecurity challenges?

We know you’ll have cybersecurity problems with almost 100% certainty within the next 12 months. 

The Good News – ROXEC & Zafehouze can help you; We have The Solution for cybersecurity & beyond

The below estimated cybercrime numbers in 2022 are predicted to worsen rapidly.

  • Cybercrime damages 7 trillion (7 000 000 000 000) USD globally
  • 90% of organisations will be breached every 12 months.
  • Plus, lost shareholder value, reputational damages, ransomware, data theft, espionage etc. damages
  • In general, cybersecurity is seen as complicated & way too technical.
  • Sources: Cybersecurity Ventures, FBI, PwC


Zafehouze & Zafepass

  • Zafehouze is one of the global leaders in secure privileged access.
  • Zafehouze’s Zafepass is a cyber-resilient, high availability platform, removing concerns defending organisational assets against attacks across IT, OT, IoT, IIoT and the Cloud.
  • In the other words, Zafepass is an Access & Connectivity & Identity Control platform.
  • Zafepass enables safe access to any system (IT, OT, IoT, IIoT) for E2E encrypted data (in-transfer & in-rest).
  • In addition to many other benefits, Zafepass is easy-to-use & cost-efficient.


ROXEC takes care of Zafehouze Sales & Support in Finland.

  • ROXEC focuses on Finland but serves Customers globally mainly in Europe.
  • We cooperate closely with Zafehouze organization globally.
  • We are looking for entrepreneurial people to join our Zafe Team, please contact me.
  • If you happen to contact Zafehouze Country Manager Niko or Zafehouze Headquarters, please tell my greetings to get a special service.
  • More info about Zafehouze & Zafepass


We can help you to get rid of cybersecurity challenges. Let’s talk!